Is It Over?!

Earlier this afternoon, a story was posted on the NBC News website entitled Kathie Lee: ‘I have no idea how long I’ll stay with Hoda’ ( This has left many on Facebook, Twitter and (a self proclaimed TV News Insider Website), in a furry to read between the lines. After all Hoda Kotb’s contract is due to expire this fall. And not to mention KLG and Hoda’s web corespondent Sara Haines left in a suddenly with barely a goodbye. The picture below which was posted in said article looks a bit painfully done. Let’s hope it was from a show not to recent.


As I earlier reported Kathie Lee and Hoda’s hour has been on hiatus for the refurbishment of Studio 1A. Which leaves the room speculation up for even more debate. Why would this be posted during the current two week hiatus? Could it be nothing? Just room to fill till they get back? Lets HOPE so!

It has been widely speculated and perceived that Kotb, 49, has been in talks with other networks and other shows such as ABC’s the ‘View’. According to CNN “the ‘Today’ co-host is quietly meeting with studios and pitching herself for new hosting gigs, such as a daytime talk show”…… “A source close to Kotb downplayed the odds of a fourth-hour shakeup and denied the co-host wants a new series: “Hoda loves her job at the Today show and adores everyone she works with on the show. Her contract is coming up and she’s just expanding relationships and having coffee with a few people.” Are we reading to much into this?

The article that was posted on, deals with where will the ‘bozzie’ duo be in 5 years. Ms. Kotb says “I’m sure so many of the things I said I was going to do last year I’ll still be talking about doing five years from now.” This gives me a bit of ease to think that maybe this is all just talk.

Kotb Continues by saying, she isn’t to worried about what the future holds “since so far, she’s enjoyed every chapter, thanks to the people in her life.” All she hopes is that wherever she goes or is that she is joyful. “I feel like I’ve always had a pretty good life because I seem to be able to find really great people. Because that’s what it’s about — a building’s a building, a job’s a job, but if you can surround yourself with people who make you feel great or feel better, you’ve got a great life,” Kotb says.

Kathie Lee on the other hand confirms that they will remain life long friends, “whether or not they’re still messing around on TODAY in the mornings.” Mrs. Gifford, 60, also says, that she has no idea how long she’ll stay will Hoda and that friendship is very different from work. “Regis and I are still dear, dear friends. I know that Hoda and I will [remain dear friends], whether our show stops or not” Gifford adds.

Gifford says that she has many projects under her belt still such as television and film projects, that she is still waiting patiently to work on.  Last October after 15 year’s of work released her Broadway play ‘Scandalous’. Which unfortunately only lasted a month, due to hurricane Sandy. This certainly dampened her spirit, but didn’t crush it. She is a very strong women.

In addition Gifford says, “I’d like to be attending movie premieres with my daughter, who’s a really, really fine actress,” she said. “I’d like to be going to movies — just as a regular mom sitting in an audience — that my son wrote because he’s a screenwriter.” And that more and more she wants her last decade of her life, really, to be about her children’s dreams. They are her two dreams.


TMZ photo “Kathie Lee and Hoda ‘Tension’ Over ‘Today’ In Tinseltown”

With Gifford longing to be with her aspiring children living in California, and her and Frank Living in Greenwich, Connecticut. Are the rumors of their “tension’ true? In February, while they duo was shooting shows in Los Angeles, the notorious TMZ reported a story entitled Kathie Lee and Hoda ‘Tension Over ‘Today’ In Tinseltown. Which they claim “Sources connected to ‘Today’ tell TMZ … Kathie Lee has been lobbying to move the show for a long time, but Hoda has been adamant — she wants to stay in NYC.”

This has been a long standing joke for the duo since. Hoda even said in her birthday rap to Kathie Lee, “Everyone thinks we’re moving to L.A., Who knew?”

With room to read between the lines, I can only hope the rumors and suspension are false. At least for another year or two. I am not quite ready to depart from my favorite show yet. Love you ladies! Until next time bloggers! Keep the hope and faith these current rumors aren’t true!



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